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Support For Versions Before 2.0

All users are advised to upgrade to the current version for improved performance and reliability. Support for versions before 2.0 is limited to replacement of the installation diskettes as described below.

Replacement Diskettes

The original SETUP.LST file on Disk 1 is required for the replacement setup files to work. Disk 1 must be writable with volume label 'DSAM10'.

To Create Replacement Diskettes

  1. Have blank replacement diskettes ready (1.44 MB).
  2. If you are replacing Disk 1, copy the Setup.lst file to a temporary folder.
  3. Insert the replacement disk into your floppy drive and click below to download the appropriate .CAB or Setup.exe file to the replacement disk. (All files have been scanned for viruses.)

    Disk 1: Setup.exeAttenM1.CAB
    Disk 2: AttenM2.CAB
    Disk 3: AttenM3.CAB
    Disk 4: AttenM4.CAB

  4. If you are replacing Disk 1, copy Setup.lst from the backup folder to the replacement disk.

The setup files can store on a different medium, but Disk 1 Setup.lst file must be on a writable floppy with volumn label 'DSAM10' when the program first runs. If you encounter a problem, please contact technical support. As always, we are happy to be of assistance.